The Adventures of Jeremiah Willstone is Open for Business!

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Hail, fellow adventurers! Welcome to the Adventures of Jeremiah Willstone, the website chronicling the stories of a time-traveling female soldier from the world next door, Victoriana! Here you’ll find news about her adventures in print and in audio, kicking off with her first full-length adventure, Jeremiah Willstone and the Clockwork Time Machine, available February 23rd, 2017 on Amazon – or, ask for it wherever fine books are sold! Jeremiah also appears in more than half a dozen stories scattered across nearly that many anthologies, so please feel free to look around the site, find out more about her, and pick up something to read!

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Jeremiah’s adventures are brought to you by Anthony Francis, AKA the Centaur

Lieutenant Jeremiah Willstone


Jeremiah as a Lieutenant, fresh out Academy – I imagine, fresh back from a jog. Done with pen, pencil, and white pencil on beige-tinted paper, with tone/level/color correction and light editing in Photoshop.

-the Centaur

Welcome to the World of Victoriana!


Hail, fellow adventurers! Jeremiah Willstone has just entered your reality, and this is her very first webpage! Stay tuned as the Expeditionaries from Victoriana learn how to manage the intricacies of these modern digital electronic computers!

Where’s the gear crank on this thing, anyway?