The LATER Anthologies on Sale at Drive-Thru Fiction!

Hail, fellow adventurers! Today’s mission: getting the LATER series anthologies, which are on sale at DriveThruFiction!

Each features pairs of stories set in Jeremiah Willstone’s time at Liberation Academy. We’re adapting these for audio, so I feel this is a good way to get into this universe early!

The sale ends February 11, so strike while the iron’s hot!

-the Centaur

Book Giveaway with Sage and Savant!

Almost let this one slip by … Thinking Ink Press and Sage and Savant are partnering to give away copies of anthologies containing Jeremiah Willstone stories, TWELVE HOURS LATER and THIRTY DAYS LATER!

Book Giveaway with Sage and Savant!

If you’re waiting for a chance to jump on the Jeremiah Willstone train, now’s a great time to do so! The stories are from the Plague of Gears storyline, chronicling Jeremiah’s time at Liberation Academy, and – shh! – have some inevitable spoilers about JEREMIAH WILLSTONE AND THE CLOCKWORK TIME MACHINE, so, enjoy, but be warned – or pick up JW&TCTM first!


-the Centaur

Twelve Hours Later Returning to Print!

I’m happy to announce that Twelve Hours Later, the anthology with the very first Jeremiah Willstone stories (chronologically, that is, if that has any meaning in a heavily tangled time travel universe), is returning to print this Friday, March 24th!

The Jeremiah stories in here are from the “Plague of Gears” storyline detailing Jeremiah’s days in Liberation Academy, and include “The Hour of the Wolf” and “The Time of Ghosts” (shh, that one has SPOILERS for The Clockwork Time Machine).

My friends and colleagues at Thinking Ink Press worked with the editors and authors of Twelve Hours Later to bring this gem back into print. From the release announcement:

Back by popular demand, Thinking Ink Press is republishing the out-of-print steampunk charity anthology Twelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery. The brainchild of the Treehouse Writers, fifteen talented authors, artists, and poets, Twelve Hours Later was released at Clockwork Alchemy 2015 and features pairs of stories set within the same day.

Myth! Mystery! Intrigue! Dirigibles!

Support public libraries and explore the world of steampunk fiction. Twelve Hours Later, 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery will thrill you with round-the-world and round-the-clock adventure, weaving lore from ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan, and more into a steampunk tapestry!

  • A devoted nursemaid braves mythical Japanese spirits to save a child’s life
  • Daredevil adventurers tangle with a Chinese demon called the Lord of Death
  • A lady archaeologist battles thieves for possession of Egyptian hieroglyphs

Linked pairs of stories, set 12 hours apart, fill a 24-hour day with a whirlwind of steam, legends, spycraft, and the occasional forest demon!

Half the proceeds of the anthology will be donated to nonprofit organizations that support literacy, including the San Jose Library System. As you indulge your literary senses, you’re also helping to promote literacy!

Twelve Hours Later will be released on Friday, March 24th, and is available for preorder on Amazon. So get a copy and find out what happens … Twelve Hours Later!

-the Centaur

Doorways to Extra Time

Doorways Cover.png

Wondering how the Clockwork Time Machine came to be? Get tantalizing clues in “The Doorway to Extra Time”, a Jeremiah Willstone universe story featuring Jeremiah’s more scientifically-minded cousin, Doctor Jackson Truthsayer!

Buy Doorways to Extra Time on Amazon or ask for it wherever fine books are sold!

“In our busy world of meetings and microwaves, car radios and cellphones, people always wish they could get an extra hour in the day. But what if they could? Doorways to Extra Time is an anthology that explores ways to get extra time (be it an hour, a day, or a decade) and the impact it would have–whether upon a single life, a family or an entire world.

Featuring stories by: Erica Cameron, Martin Feekins, Anthony Francis, L.M. Graham, R.E. Gofstein, Melina Gunnett, Walter H. Hunt, Betsy Miller, Susan Mittmann, Brenda Moguez, Jenny Moore, Ira Nayman, Errick A. Nunnally, Jody Lynn Nye, Kate Saturday, Gayle Schultz, Rich Storrs, Keshia Swaim, Aimee Weinstein and Trisha J. Wooldridge.”


UnCONventional Cover.png

Jeremiah Willstone’s very first published appearance was in “Steampunk Fairy Chick” in UnCONventional: Twenty-Two Tales of Paranormal Gatherings under the Guise of Conventions. There’s no other way to put this, folks: “Steampunk Fairy Chick” has MASSIVE spoilers for The Clockwork Time Machine, so be advised!

Buy UnCONventional on Amazon or ask for it wherever fine books are sold!

“The con’s not the real reason we’re here–that’s just the cover story. Alien ascensions in hotel ballrooms. Mermaids on cruise ships.Werewolves in dog shows. Steampunk fairy time travelers. A teenage superhero hitching a ride with a supervillain. Comic books that absorb their readers. Magical filk… and much more.

With stories by: LJ Berger, Vikki Ciaffone, Daniel Cohen, Gordon Dupuis, Anthony G. Francis, Jr., Justine Graykin, Randy O. Green, Melina Gunnett, Kate Kaynak, Danielle M. LeFevre, Kimberley Long-Ewing, Lauren Marrero, Will Morton, Linda Murphy, Ira Nayman, KT Pinto, Jennifer Allis Provost, Patricia Puckett, Keshia Swaim, Sherry Thompson, Pamela van Hylckama Vlieg, and Trisha Wooldridge.

This con’s about to get weird… okay, weirder.”

Thirty Days Later


Liberation Academy Cadet Jeremiah Willstone returns in “The Fall of the Falcon” and “The Rise of the Dragonfly” in the second exciting anthology in the “Later” series, Thirty Days Later, Steaming Forward: Thirty Adventures in Time! As before, the second story has spoilers for The Clockwork Time Machine, so be warned if things get a little timey wimey Thirty Days Later!

Buy Thirty Days Later on Amazon or ask for it wherever fine books are sold!

Bringing you steam, noir, revolution, and a Sasquatch, the creators Twelve Hours Later are back with a vengeance, and a lot can happen in thirty days!

  • Revenge and greed threaten to tear apart lovers and families
  • Dragons wreak havoc and Sasquatches dabble in politics
  • Revolution is in the air, and in the streets
  • A cursed netsuke threatens to take the life of a young girl

Featuring Hugo Award winning author and master of alternative history, Harry Turtledove, Thirty Days Later will have you on the edge of your seat and ripping through pages, racing to find out what happens next.

“The creators of Twelve Hours Later continue to promote literacy one sensational story at a time by donating a portion of their proceeds to literary charities, but no boring works with fluffy kittens here. Not a one! Where else can you find spycraft and sea serpents, cloud cities and ghosts, romance, witty banter, and worlds of wonder in one place? These are stories to relish and read under the covers into the wee hours of the morning. They’ve done it again-Full marks!” Penelope Dreadfulle, Literary Reviewer for the Blackfriars Courant.

Do you dare open the cover and lose yourself in time? The Clock is Ticking…

Twelve Hours Later


The very first chronological appearance of Jeremiah Willstone is as a Liberation Academy cadet in the “The Hour of the Wolf” in the exciting steampunk anthologyTwelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery! She also appears in a second story in the anthology, “The Time of Ghosts,” but be warned, it has spoilers for The Clockwork Time Machine, and as for whether it’s her second appearance … well, that would be telling.

Buy Twelve Hours Later on Amazon or ask wherever fine books are sold!

Containing intrigue, dirigibles, and the occasional forest demon, Twelve Hours Later spans one whole day, each story taking place in a single hour, and each hour a whirlwind of steam, legends, and spycraft. Twelve Hours Later will thrill you with round-the-clock and round-the-world action and adventure, weaving lore from ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan, and more into a whole new steampunk tapestry. All proceeds of the anthology go to the San Jose Library System, so as you indulge your literary senses, you’re also helping to promote literacy, one sensational story at a time. The Treehouse Writers, fifteen talented authors, artists and poets, have come together in this must read anthology of myths, legends, and lore – with a Steampunk flair.